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Violife 100% vegan alternative to cheese vs. dairy cheese in Europe, UK, US and Canada.


Summary: Violife is a world leading vegan brand, owned by Upfield, which offers a range of versatile products including alternatives to dairy cheese which can be used for cooking or eating on their own. In 2022, Quantis was commissioned to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of of certain Violife vegan alternatives to cheese products (“Violife Product”) sold in Europe, the UK, United States, and Canada, compared to dairy (cow and sheep) cheese sold in the same markets. The study included 20 Violife Products (a “product” refers to a recipe / packaging /market combination). This document provides a summary of the study scope, functional unit and system boundaries, method and data sources, climate footprint and land occupation results, and equivalencies used for comparative claims for the Violife products.


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