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Life Cycle Assessment of Three Tropical Fruits (Avocado, Banana, Pineapple)


The presented LCA sufficiently answers the research questions. It provides guidelines to an environmentally conscious consumer in Freiburg who wants to buy a tropical fruit in the supermarket. It shows that buying one kilogram of avocado has a seven times higher impact on CO2-eq emissions than buying one kilogram of pineapple. The sensitivity analysis clarifies that changing the electricity mix for the production of pineapples will impact the overall CO2-eq emissions only very slightly. The biggest shares of emissions still come from packaging and transportation. The authors recommend to buy pineapples or bananas rather than avocados in order to reduce the CO2-eq footprint of the consumers diet. However, due to very high CO2-eq emissions from transport and packaging, buying local and seasonal fruits will always trump a tropical fruit in terms of CO2-eq emissions.


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