Name CO2e / serving

Roasted vegetables, eggs, with tahini sause

CO2e total: 1.44 kg
Servings: 4
kg CO2e / portion
You can eat
portions of Roasted vegetables, eggs, with tahini sause to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget


CO2e (kg) Product Amount (kg) Description Country produced
Lemons 0.025 1/2 Lemon Unknown
Tahini 0.05 Tahini Unknown
Cumin (ground) 0.01 cumin Unknown
Herbs & Spices 0.01 tumeric Unknown
Bulgur 0.2 Bulgur Unknown
Salt 0.005 salt Unknown
Vegetable oil 0.015 oil Unknown
Eggs 0.24 4 eggs Unknown
Ginger 0.001 ginger Unknown
Garlic 0.001 garlic Unknown
Onions 0.2 1 medium onion Unknown
Broccoli 0.25 250 g Broccoli Unknown


  1. Cut the broccoli out in small bouquets (remember the stalks of the broccoli is just as good). Slice the onion in wedges (slice from top to bottom). The broccoli and onion can be prepared either in a pan or in oven (pan is more energy efficient).
  2. If preparing in a oven, place spices (grated garlic, ginger, cumin and tumeric) together with oil in an oven tray and mix. Then add broccoli and onion and mix again. without preheating the oven add the vegetables to the oven and turn on to 200 degree celcius. Roast for about 20min or until the vegetables are to your liking (I like them with a bite).
  3. If preparing in pan, turn the stove to medium-high, add oil and spices to the pan and let the pan warm up. When warm add the vegetables to the pan. Remember not to stir to much in the vegetables, as they will release water and boil instead of frying and thereby not getting a bit a char. I cook them until all pieces have some char on a couple of sides. Set aside until serving.
  4. Meanwhile, add your bulgur to a pot with water and cook according to package instructions.
  5. Bring a pot of water to boil and add the eggs. Soft boil the eggs. Usually I give my eggs 6 min., and a bit longer if big eggs.
  6. Meanwhile, Take 2 tablespoons of tahini in a small bowl and add 2 tablespoon of water and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix until incorporated. First the mixture will turn a bit crumbly and tough, but add in a little bit of water at the time until the consistency is to your liking. In the end you can season the sauce with a bit of salt. Taste the sauce and adjust the salt or sour level to your liking.
  7. To serve: Add a couple of scoops of bulgur to a plate, spread over with some spoonfull vegetables, cut the egg in half and lay next to vegtables and drissle sauce over everything.
  8. If you have any fresh herbs (coriander, basil, parsley etc.), this will a nice addition. You can also add fresh vegetables, such a tomatoes or cucumber or nuts to the top.