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Sunflower seeds

CO2e / kg
= 100 g of Sunflower seeds
You can consume
kg of Sunflower seeds to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget

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Source Notes CO2e Country origin Country consumption Weight
Ökologische Fußabdrücke von Lebensmitteln und Gerichten in Deutschland (IFEU) Sonnenblumenkerne
Unknown Germany 7
Environmental impact of plant-based foods Differences in the results can partly be explained by inclusion of LUC in some studies. The studies that did not include LUC show results below 1.8 kg CO2e per kg product. In total, all but one study show a climate impact below 2 kg CO2e per kg product, even when LUC is included (5 references).. Studies:
Unknown Unknown 10
Den store klimadatabase Sunflower seeds, decorticated, dried, Agriculture: 0.54, iLUC: 0.42, Food processing: 0, Packaging: 0.26, Transport: 0.54
Unknown Unknown 7
Systematic review of greenhouse gas emissions for different fresh food categories Table 5 Median; #LCA studies: 1; #GWP values: 1
Unknown Unknown 10