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Green beans

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= 100 g of Green beans
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kg of Green beans to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget

Categories: Beans | Vegetables | Food

Subcategories: Green beans (jar) | Green beans (canned) | Green beans (frozen)


Source Notes CO2e Country origin Country consumption Weight
RIVM Database Milieubelasting Voedingsmiddelen Sperziebonen (plastic)
Unknown Netherlands 6
Environmental impact of plant-based foods European production considered most relevant. This assessment included one study on frozen green beans. One study on European green beans was not considered, since it showed much higher climate impact than the other studies and did not explain the processes in detail. Further, canned green beans were considered less relevant for the Swedish market. For green beans imported from outside Europe, there is a risk of air transport. One earlier study was found on green beans transported from Kenya and Uganda with a total climate impact of 9.7-10.1 kg CO2e per kg product.. Studies: 2
Unknown Unknown 6
Den store klimadatabase Beans, green, Agriculture: 0.2, iLUC: 0.04, Food processing: 0, Packaging: 0.14, Transport: 0.65
Unknown Unknown 5
Potential contributions of food consumption patterns to climate change South Europe, boiled; CO2: 1.2, NO2: 0.12, NH4: 0
Europe Sweden 8
Systematic review of greenhouse gas emissions for different fresh food categories Table 5 Median; #LCA studies: 4; #GWP values: 7; Mean: 0.51; Stdev: 0.47; Min: 0.24; Max: 1.55
Unknown Unknown 8