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Durum wheat

CO2e / kg
= 100 g of Durum wheat
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kg of Durum wheat to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget

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Source Notes CO2e Country origin Country consumption Weight
Effect of different crop management systems on rainfed durum wheat greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint under Mediterranean conditions In average, our wheat system was responsible for the emission of 1481.1 kg CO2eq / ha
and 0.295 kg CO2eq / Kg of grain, which varied significantly between the proposed management systems.
See Table 6 for variance between systems.
Italy Unknown 10
Lowering carbon footprint of durum wheat by diversifying cropping systems Figure 1, cereal-cereal-durum 3-year cropping system: 0.41 kg CO2e/kg
Lowest emitting 3-year cropping system pulse-pulse-durum: 0.27 kg CO2e/kg
Canada Canada 10