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Southern bluefin tuna (farmed)

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= 100 g of Southern bluefin tuna (farmed)
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kg of Southern bluefin tuna (farmed) to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget

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Source Notes CO2e Country origin Country consumption Weight
Seafood carbon emissions tool Southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii), Farmed, System: Marine net pen, Notes: No LCA studies to date have assessed production of tunas and other large pelagic fish in marine net pens. Estimates here are based on feed input data and feed compositions collected from Seafood Watch reports, as well as average energy use values for marine net pen production of other species. Importantly, little is known of the extent to which wild tuna capture prior to ranching contributes to emissions.
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*only recipes with more than 50 grams of Southern bluefin tuna (farmed) are shown.