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Grana padano

CO2e / kg
= 100 g of Grana padano
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kg of Grana padano to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget

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Source Notes CO2e Country origin Country consumption Weight
Carbon footprint of Grana Padano PDO cheese in a full life cycle perspective The results obtained were 16.02 and 15.84 kg CO2-eq. kg-1 FU for A and B respectively. The main contributor to the impact was the production of raw milk (75.3% and 73.9% respectively). The other process (from the raw milk collection through the product processing to the end of life) had a smaller impact. The use phase (cooled storage and product waste) played the main role in the GHG emissions of the post-farm steps.
Italy Italy 8


*only recipes with more than 50 grams of Grana padano are shown.