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Tuna (canned)

CO2e / kg
= 100 g of Tuna (canned)
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kg of Tuna (canned) to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget

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Subcategories: Tuna, in tomato sauce (canned)


Source Notes CO2e Country origin Country consumption Weight
Estimating the carbon footprint of tuna fisheries purse seining; average between most optimistic (1.68) and most conservative (8.3)
Unknown Unknown 6
RIVM Database Milieubelasting Voedingsmiddelen Tonijn uit blik
Unknown Netherlands 5
Den store klimadatabase Tuna, in water (canned), Agriculture: 0.23, iLUC: 0.59, Food processing: 3.43, Packaging: 1.18, Transport: 0.16
Unknown Unknown 5
Meat eater's guide to climate change + health Table 25. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Canned Tuna Production (at farmgate)
Tuna Production System
kg of CO2e per kg of edible tuna
European wild, cooked,for canning 3.23
Table 26. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Tuna Consumption (post-farmgate)
Emission Source kg of CO2
e per kg of consumed tuna
Processing 1.44
Domestic transport 0.29
Ocean transport 0.09
Refrigeration (retail) 0.00
Home cooking 0.00
Waste disposal 0.10
Total 1.92
Per kg of consumed meat (includes moisture loss, waste loss and post-farmgate): 6.06 kg CO2e
Europe USA 6