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CO2e / kg
= 100 g of Sardine
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kg of Sardine to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget

Categories: Fish | Sea food | Food

Sardines are also known as pilchards.

Subcategories: South American pilchard | Indian oil sardine


Source Notes CO2e Country origin Country consumption Weight
Seafood carbon emissions tool European pilchard (Sardina pilchardus), Wild, System: Purse seine, Notes: Two recent studies provide fuel use data for the purse seine fishery, including a 2013 longitudinal study by Almeida and colleagues. Fuel use data are consistently under 150 L/t.
Unknown Unknown 6
Seafood carbon emissions tool European pilchard (Sardina pilchardus), Wild, System: Midwater trawl, Notes: European pilchard data are not available for midwater trawl vessels. This estimate is based on 14 studies providing fuel use data for other similar midwater trawl fisheries for small pelagic species.
Unknown Unknown 6
Environmental assessment of sardine (Sardina pilchardus) purse seine fishery in Portugal with LCA methodology including biological impact categories Average between 2005-2011
Portugal Portugal 10
Estimation of the carbon footprint of the Galician fishing activity (NW Spain) Table 3, European pilchard, seining
Spain Spain 8
Cross-vessel eco-efficiency analysis. A case study for purse seining fishing from North Portugal targeting European pilchard Table 6, 2012
Portugal Portugal 10
Systematic review of greenhouse gas emissions for different fresh food categories Table 5 Median; #LCA studies: 2; #GWP values: 2; Mean: 1.1; Stdev: 0.45; Min: 0.78; Max: 1.41
Unknown Unknown 8