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CO2e / kg
= 100 g of Cucumber
You can consume
kg of Cucumber to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget

Categories: Vegetables | Food

Subcategories: Cucumber (peeled) | Cucumber (pickled) | Cucumber (eco) | Cucumber (greenhouse, heated)


Source Notes CO2e Country origin Country consumption Weight
RIVM Database Milieubelasting Voedingsmiddelen Komkommer met schil
Unknown Netherlands 7
Ökologische Fußabdrücke von Lebensmitteln und Gerichten in Deutschland (IFEU) Salatgurke, ohne Plastikfolienverpackung
Unknown Germany 0
Ökologische Fußabdrücke von Lebensmitteln und Gerichten in Deutschland (IFEU) Salatgurke mit Plastikfolienverpackung
Unknown Germany 7
Environmental impact of plant-based foods Often produced in heated greenhouses for the Swedish market. Data on European production vary greatly, mainly due to differences between heating source for the greenhouses. Overall recommendation based on earlier studies: European produce likely to have a climate impact below 2 kg CO2e per kg, but the impact can be lower, around 0.5 kg CO2e per kg, depending mainly on greenhouse production or not, and heating source. Products from outside Europe are considered less relevant for the Swedish market. Two relevant studies were found for the Swedish market. This assessment is not valid for open field- produced cucumbers grown in Sweden, such as “västeråsgurka”.. Studies: 6 (2SW)
Unknown Unknown 10
Den store klimadatabase Cucumber, Agriculture: 0.05, iLUC: 0.01, Food processing: 0, Packaging: 0.14, Transport: 0.35
Unknown Unknown 7
Klimatarier CO2 Rechner Gurke
Unknown Unknown 5
FiBL CO2-Fußabdruck von Bioprodukten Konventionell; Production: 0.165; Transport: 0.065;
Austria Austria 5
Greenhouse gas emissions of realistic dietary choices in Denmark: the carbon footprint and nutritional value of dairy products Table 1; including waste; excluding waste: 3
Unknown Unknown 10
Systematic review of greenhouse gas emissions for different fresh food categories Table 5 Median; #LCA studies: 7; #GWP values: 15; Mean: 0.33; Stdev: 0.32; Min: 0.13; Max: 1.3
Unknown Unknown 10