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For the UK, it is estimated that about half the emissions come from the use-phase (bars, pubs, restaurants), 20% from agriculture, 20% from transport [1]. Based on data from several large breweries, the brewing process represents only 10% (0.1-0.15 kg CO2e / l) of the CO2e emissions [1].

[1] Garnett, T. (2007). The alcohol we drink and its contribution to the UK’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions: a discussion paper. Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, UK. (Table 33 for contributions of phases, Page 41 for brewery emissions, Page 74 for use-phase)

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Source Notes CO2e Country origin Country consumption Weight
Carbon Footprint von Murauer Bier nach ISO-Norm 14067 berechnet Recyclable cans: 0.305 kg CO2e / l
Single use cans: 0.671 kg CO2e / l
Tap beer: 0.281 kg CO2e / l
Austria Austria 5
RISE Open access list 1.7 Per liter of beer
Europe Sweden 5
RIVM Database Milieubelasting Voedingsmiddelen Bier (fles)
Unknown Netherlands 5
Ökologische Fußabdrücke von Lebensmitteln und Gerichten in Deutschland (IFEU) Bier, 0,5 L-Glasmehrwegflasche
Unknown Germany 0
Ökologische Fußabdrücke von Lebensmitteln und Gerichten in Deutschland (IFEU) Bier, 0,5 L-Weißblechdose
Unknown Germany 6
The Alcohol we drink and its contribution to the UK's Greenhouse Gas emissions: A discussion paper Beer emits 0.96% (table 33) of 656e9 kg (page 7, for 2003) CO2e total UK GHG emissions, corresponding to 6.03e9 liters of beer (table 34) = 1.04 kg CO2e/liter
Unknown United Kingdom 8
Den store klimadatabase Beer, lager, alc. 4.4 % by vol., Agriculture: 0.07, iLUC: 0.05, Food processing: 0.24, Packaging: 0.16, Transport: 0.07
Unknown Unknown 5
Greenhouse gas emissions of realistic dietary choices in Denmark: the carbon footprint and nutritional value of dairy products Table 1; including waste; excluding waste: 1.1
Unknown Unknown 8
Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers Figure 1, 5% ABV
Unknown Unknown 8


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