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Giant tiger prawn (farmed)

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= 100 g of Giant tiger prawn (farmed)
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kg of Giant tiger prawn (farmed) to exhaust your daily CO2e food budget

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Seafood carbon emissions tool Giant tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon), Farmed, System: Intensive ponds, Notes: Several LCA studies have been carried out on shrimp and prawn production , providing energy use values for intensive and semi-intensive pond culture as well as recirculating systems. Additional feed data were taken from Seafood Watch reports and other studies. Importantly, estimates here reflect only emissions associated with energy and feed, and exclude emissions from land use change associated with shrimp production in coastal regions. Land use change in the form of mangrove deforestation for shrimp production may be a particularly important source of emissions and is not typically accounted for in LCAs; inclusion of mangrove deforestation could result in emissions up to an order of magnitude higher in some systems, although such emissions would not be expected in intensive inland pond production.
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